Vertigo EP

by Visions of Madness

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Sotos_Heavy_Dalga Nice crossover album, ideal for those that like a good mix of different music genres.
...there are so many things still to discover in the heavy scene of Romania.... ;-) Favorite track: Shadower.
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released September 30, 2016

Vocals: Andreea
Guitar: Daniel
Drums: Florin
Bass: Sorin

Recorded, mixed and mastered in 2016 by Mirel Cristea
Artwork by Das Alexandru



all rights reserved


Visions of Madness Bucharest, Romania

VOM is a 4 piece female fronted hardcore/punk/metal band from Bucharest.


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Track Name: Faceless Crowd
With no purpose for living
Staring at the sky
Dreams and ideas vanished away
In a realm of gray
Door to an entry unknown
Fragile instinct to follow the voice
Turn back and search in the mirror
It’s there, don’t be scared, embrace it
Passion sets utopic standards
In your mind grows cement
Winds of decay cracked the will
Of lands unreal to men
Panic crawling under your skin
Anger stands in line
Red with fury and contempt
Blackened touch, this is the end
Faceless crowd…with no purpose for living
Track Name: Warrior's Dream
One day he decided to look the other way
Pumping the blood with no price to pay
Fire brought me back
We should have realised the obvious
One individual facing the army
No arms, no courage
Only a skin full of lies
Shutting every drop of control
Facing the enemy first time in his life
Trouble dreams from their eternal weep
Wake up! you didn’t see the circle
Hollow the void and fetch your wings
Dawn of time
Forgotten by your idols
Scream for a change when devil’s in white
Fist, muscles and some broken bottles
Salvation in a crowd
Please help me to survive
It’s all I can get, who cares if I’m proud
Years of my life keep passing by
You stood in silence, not helping me, why?
Little Sara with black eyes
She’s so harmless when she cries
Walking with strong dirty moves
You don’t have to ask her why
She doesn’t care about your rules
Little Sara with black eyes
Track Name: Shadower
Reflections of a man
Always questioning what’s on the other side
Another colorful curtain
Movement in our eyes, though everything stays still
Cracks and pieces to catch your curiosity
So much information buried in stones
Wasting time again and again
He’s gonna catch you
So you better watch out
He’s the shadower, shadower…
Hiding under your bed
Scratching his nails against the floor
Tasting your fear
Paralyzed from head to toe
Screams locked in your mind
Trapped, there’s no escape
When pressure suffocates you
Begging to wake up
Until the shadower consumes you
Track Name: Caught In The Forest
Shouting everyday about his problems, rules and tyranny
No one seems to be at his level
Voices are too damn predictable
All he needs is space and cable
Lost in other people’s life
Reality is simply bothering his taste
Reach your hands into this madness
Shut those idiots
Fools lose these days
No clever ones think are the brave
Through my smile blood is drooling from its course
Violent agony from a sweet cloud of wings
Roses start fading on my tombstone
Another wrinkle paved on my letter written for phantoms
Sound is keen and destructive
When notes swim in acid and hate
You were right about my sin
Fury strikes when I’m within
I’m here, I’m there, I’m in everything and nothing
I’m like a fly
I listen to this dream
Locked in a cage of sorrow
I woke up in a world where no one speaks
I woke up full of regrets
Caught in the forest
Wearing another skin
Track Name: Vertigo
Used to be birds in our souls
But hopes and dreams slowly died
Infinite towers grow from depravity
Appearances of light offering innocent blood
Puppets march into a senseless era
That happy place for monkeys to be deaf
Visions of madness everyday
When mind fights to be sane
Dystopic images of the past
Exhaustion between walls
Yet you’re drowning in slow motion
And your body will fall like a shell
Beyond the horizon there’s a place called home
Where time and judgement have no meaning
And nothing seems to alter the being
Particles of knowledge waiting for eons
Used to be birds in our souls
But hopes and dreams slowly died
They flew away with our eyes
And chained us in darkness